All pins unless otherwise stated will be Standard-Grade pins.

Since enamel pins are manufactured by hand not every pin will look perfect and slight flaws may occur. Once pins arrive we will inspect each closely and categorize them to the best of our ability using our personal grading criteria. 



Standard pins are the highest quality pins we offer. They should be close to perfect but may exhibit minor flaws only visible under certain light and angles such as:

- miniscule bubbles / dots
- light scratches/scuffing on plating or enamel
- slight underfill



B-Grade pins usually have one or more slightly more noticeable flaws. These flaws are not too distracting and are therefore being sold at a slight discount. They may include one or more minor versions of the following:

- dust / dirt specs / bubbles
- small plating errors
- scratches / scuffing on plating or enamel
- underfill
- tiny area of missing enamel



C-Grade pins have (multiple) flaws which tend to stand out and are therefore being sold at a huge discount. These flaws include:

dust / dirt specs / bubbles
- major plating errors
- underfill
- enamel staining 
- scratches 
- small areas of missing enamel